Q: Is San Jose Country Club a member-owned equity club?
A: San Jose Country Club is a private, member-owned equity club. 

Q: What types of membership are available in the club?
A: Proprietary membership, corporate membership, young executive membership, social golf and social dining memberships

Q: Is there a food and beverage requirement?
A: All membership categories have a quarterly food and beverage requirement. This requirement can be used on the golf course, dining in the restaurants or used when hosting a banquet or party at the club.

Q: Will members of my family be permitted to use my membership privileges?
A: Immediate family members are included in the membership with some restrictions.

Q: Can a member bring guests to the club?
A: As a member you are entitled to bring guests to the club to dine or to social events an unlimited number of times. A member may bring a singular guest out a maximum of 6 times a year to golf. All guests are subject to the guest rate to play golf.

Q: Are the facilities at the club available for private parties?
A: Yes there are many locations to hold an event or private party. Whether a pool party, bocce ball party or wine paired dinner our catering department is here to assist. Complete our Event Request Form for more info.

Q: How do I apply for membership privileges in the club?
A: Fill out the application & submit with deposit or stop by the club and meet our Membership Director, Kathleen. (kathleen@sanjosecountryclub.org)

Q: What is the membership approval process?
A: After the application and deposit are received your name is posted in the club and a friendly interview is scheduled with the membership committee. The membership committee then makes a recommendation to the board of directors and the board of directors votes on your application for membership. This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month depending on when the application is submitted.

Q: What are the age requirements and benefits of a young executive membership?
A: Anyone age 21-39 may apply for young executive membership.  Young executives have full golf privileges of a proprietary member but pay ½ dues and hold no equity in the club and are not responsible for assessments.  Each year on or near his/hers birthday his/her account is charged 1k. The initiation fee and any subsequent yearly charge are applicable to the purchase of a proprietary membership by his/hers 39th birthday.
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