Club Dress Code policies apply to all members, family, and guests and are in effect at all times. The Dress Code should be viewed in the context of shared values and mutual respect. The intent of the code is to make our environment more enjoyable and to help sustain the quality of membership and standard of excellence upon which the San Jose Country Club was established. Good taste shall prevail in the absence of a specific requirement. Members are responsible for the acceptability of the attire of their family and guests. When in doubt, please consult the General Manager or Pro Shop for clarification.

  1. Denim apparel is permitted in the ED Room, Lower Dining Room, Locker Rooms, Patio and Pool Area only. Baggy jeans, jeans with holes and cut-offs are not permitted. Denim apparel is NOT permitted on the Golf Course, Driving Range, Practice Areas, in the Pro Shop or in the upstairs Clubhouse (Oak Room, Gold Room, Main Dining Room).
  2. Bare midriffs, athletic style tank tops, running shorts, tennis shorts, halter-tops, stretch pants, and partial or full sweat suits are not permitted. Swimming attire and wet clothing are permitted in the pool area only.
  3. Swimming pool patrons are not permitted in the clubhouse, on the downstairs patio, on the golf course, or at the practice facility unless attired in conformance with this Dress Code.
  4. Men's golf attire shall consist of tailored slacks, knickers, or appropriate shorts and a collared shirt with sleeves, a turtleneck or mock turtleneck. All shirts shall be kept tucked in on the Golf Course. Tommy Bahama style shirts which may be worn un-tucked in the Clubhouse Only. No tee shirts shall be worn as outer garments. Logos that may be considered offensive are not acceptable.
  5. Women's golf attire shall consist of appropriate shirts and tops, pants and slacks, "skorts," skirts, knickers, and golf dresses. Leggings are allowed under appropriate attire. Sleeveless tops must have a minimum three (3) inch shoulder seam. Appropriate two-piece golf suits are permitted.
  6. Only shoes designed for golf or flat-soled athletic shoes may be worn on the course and practice areas. Alternative (soft) spikes or spike-less golf shoes are required for all golfers.
  7. Shoes that are appropriate to the activity and occasion must be worn. Bare feet, socks only, or shower sandals are prohibited except in locker rooms and the swimming pool area.
  8. Hats must be worn as designed and persons wearing caps shall keep the bill forward. All members and guests shall remove their caps, visors or other sports headgear when anywhere on the main floor of the Clubhouse. Ladies "brimmed dress hats" are permissible in the Eddie Duino Room, the Oak Room, and on the main floor of the Clubhouse. Men and women's golf hats are permissible in the Eddie Duino Room.
  9. Bermuda shorts must be of an appropriate and tasteful style. Shorts, "skorts," dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the kneecap.
  10. Shorts are not allowed in the Oak Room after 5 p.m. Members and their guests so attired and wishing to stay for dinner may be accommodated in an adjacent area at the discretion of the manager on duty.
  11. Although optional, men are encouraged to wear a suit or sport coat in the Oak Room after 5 p.m. Although optional, women are encouraged to wear a dress, skirt, pantsuit, or tailored slacks in the Oak Room after 5 p.m.
  12. Members should not confront other members or their guests over Dress Code violations. Such violations should be reported to the General Manager, the Head Golf Professional or their representative on duty. Infractions shall be brought to the attention of the member or guest by the General Manager, the Head Golf Professional or their representatives on duty.
  13. Any disregard of the Dress Code shall be referred to the Board of Directors by the General Manager, the Head Golf Professional or their representatives on duty.
  14. The General Manager is authorized to make temporary modifications to the Dress Code for special events such as picnics and costume parties.
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